When Can You Keep Wisdom Teeth?

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Have you heard that not all people have their wisdom teeth extracted? A number of people never have wisdom teeth erupt, and there are a lucky few who have mouths vast enough to keep all four of the wisdom teeth. Read on to find out more about when it’s okay to keep wisdom teeth.

Although it’s highly out of the ordinary, a few people are able to hold on to a few or all of their wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth typically need to be removed if they erupt because they can interfere with chomping, breathing and other functions. However, when an individual’s mouth is big enough that the wisdom teeth do not impact their day-to-day functioning, they may be able to keep their wisdom teeth.

If you have wisdom teeth that have not been pulled and that do not impact your life, then you should be slightly more vigilant about your oral hygiene. Treating 32 teeth is trickier than treating 28! Be sure to brush them thoroughly with your other chompers two times a day, and deliberate on using a water flosser and mouthwash to help clean them since they are hard to get to.

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