Our dentist can perform root canal treatments with improved accuracy when we use our endo microscope. We have this equipment at Country Club Dental because it allows us to more easily examine an infected tooth and clean away damaged tissues. Feel free to contact Dr. Lavanya Gill if you would like to learn more about our endo microscope in Stockton, California.

Teeth are small, and the root canals inside of your teeth are even smaller. The size of your teeth makes some procedures, like a root canal treatment, difficult to complete, especially in molars which can have as many as five roots. Dentists will use the radiographs from X-rays to guide them through a root canal procedure, but they may still struggle to completely clean infected pulp tissues from all of your tooth roots.

In order to increase the success of root canal treatments, we use an endo microscope at our office. This tools magnifies and illuminates the treatment area, helping us to evaluate it and perform procedures with improved accuracy. The microscope has an ultrasonic unit and tip which we use to give you precision care. We may even be able to take fewer X-rays when aided by this tool. Contact our office today if you would like to learn more about our endo microscope.