What Are the Benefits of Scaling and Root Planing

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Scaling and root planing may be suggested if you have gum disease. The issue may be that your sulcus, which is a small space like a canal or a trench that runs between your gums and your teeth, is deepening. Normally, the sulcus is about one or three millimeters deep, but gum disease can make the gums recede, which makes the sulcus deeper. This opening can allow plaque and tartar to form under gums and on your tooth roots. Luckily, Scaling and root planing can clean out the plaque and tartar to give your gums opportunity to heal.

We first use a special instrument to measure the sulcus. If it goes beyond three millimeters, we may then recommend this treatment. This treatment can cause discomfort, but we can provide anesthesia or sedation to help you remain comfortable during the process.

Dr. Lavanya Gill, our dentist, uses a scaling tool to shed the plaque and tartar from your teeth. This tool is thin enough to reach into the pockets formed in the sulcus, and the dentist can scale the plaque and tartar off your roots this way.

With the plaque and tartar gone, your gums can start healing. To further help your gums, the dentist can also smooth the surfaces of the roots, which is also known as root planing. Plaque cannot stick to smooth surfaces all that well, so the planing can prevent it from building on your roots and irritating the gum tissue again.

With this treatment, you may be able to turn back gum disease and restore the health of your mouth. We can help you both treat and prevent gum disease here at Country Club Dental in Stockton, California. Feel free to call us at 209-466-1043, and we will schedule a checkup so we can know what your mouth needs and how we can make it better.