The Benefits of Sealants

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Do you seem to have a talent for getting cavities despite brushing, flossing, and eating healthy? If this is so, you might try having the dentist apply sealant to your teeth. Sealants act as shields against bacteria that create cavities, and they can also halt further development of a cavity before it gets too bad.

We all have pockets and crevices in our teeth, especially on our molars, and food gets stuck in them at times. Toothbrushes have difficulty in cleaning out these pockets. Bacteria feed off these leftovers, which leads them to expel acids that create cavities.

A sealant is made from a type of plastic and other similar materials, and it forms a thin, clear barrier over your molars. This barrier blocks bacteria and excess food from getting into those crevices. Sealants can stop forming cavities from getting worse when placed over them, and the dentist can observe through the seal to ensure it gets better.

Sealants are often very beneficial for children. Children without sealants are about three times more likely to get cavities than those who have sealants. The earliest a child can receive a sealant is when they reach six, which is usually when the molars come in.

Even so, teenagers and adults can get this protective coating. It matters little how old you are, though it is often more helpful when you are younger.

Sealants are safe to use, yet there is a possibility some people have an allergy to the sealant. You can discuss this method with our dentist, Dr. Lavanya Gill, to learn more about this allergy and if you are susceptible.

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