The Basics of Oral Health Care

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How would you rate your own oral health care? Have you been taking care of your teeth and gums as best you can? Have you noticed any problems or changes in your mouth? Have you sustained any oral injuries? No matter your brushing and flossing habits, there are always things you can do to improve. For further tips to improve your dental health, ask yourself the following:

– Are You brushing twice a day?
– Are you flossing at least once per day with a shred-resistant floss?
– Are you eating balanced diets with nutritious foods?
– Are you avoiding snacks between meals?
– Are you cleaning harmful particles from your teeth after meals with sugarless gum or mouthwash?
– Are you scheduling and attending regular cleanings and exams with your dentist?
– Do you wear the proper safety gear when playing sports?
– Do you avoid habits that are bad for your health including using drugs or smoking?

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