Replacing Missing Teeth

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Many American adults are missing teeth, but what they don’t know is that a relatively simple and easy procedure exists that can replace those missing teeth. That procedure involves having a dental bridge installed.

This is a common procedure performed here at Country Club Dental and one we’re proud to offer our patients. Let’s take a look at what’s involved in getting a bridge.

A dental bridge in Stockton, California, is essentially a single piece of dental work that represents three teeth. There are crowns on each end that are anchored by abutments that are formed from the neighboring teeth.

To form the two abutments, your dentist will remove the tooth enamel from the two closest teeth. Your dentist will then cast a detailed impression of the abutments and your personal bite pattern. This will be sent to our dental lab where your new bridge will be made.

Hard, plastic, temporary crowns will then be cemented over each abutment to protect them while the dental lab technician works to produce the new bridge.

Once your bridge is finished you’ll come back into our office for one final appointment, and then you’re done! You’ll walk out with an incredible smile, and all the increased self-confidence that comes with a winning smile.

If you think you may be a candidate for dental bridges, call us today at 209-466-1043 to schedule a consultation appointment.