How to Treat Tooth Sensitivity Both at Home and in the Dental Office

Are you looking for ways to treat your tooth sensitivity? If so, the first step you need to take is to visit Dr. so can determine the underlying cause of your sensitivity. Once the cause is determined, will recommend the best and most effective treatment for your specific situation. The most common tooth-sensitivity treatments include:… Read more »

How to Prevent Tooth Decay and Maintain a Healthy Smile

Dental cavities are real, but so is cavity prevention. It’s important to avoid tooth decay at all costs. If you don’t, you could suffer from severe pain and the situation might even result in tooth extraction. So, to help you keep your smile in tip-top shape by avoiding tooth decay, our dental team strongly encourages… Read more »

All About Laser Treatments in Dentistry

Nowadays, you can find more and more lasers in dental offices. Dental lasers are new-and-improved technology that can help you feel more comfortable in the dental chair and can help your dentist perform a smooth and accurate treatment. There are many treatments that lasers can be used for, and some of those treatments are: -Tooth… Read more »

Whitening Options for a Brilliant and Beautiful Smile

When you think about improving your first impressions and appearance, giving your smile a boost is often one of the first things you may consider. First impressions and first smiles can make a huge difference in how others perceive us. Getting a tooth whitening treatment is a fantastic way to give your smile that extra… Read more »

Dental Implants and Your Teeth

Do you hate the idea of taking time off of work to schedule an appointment with our team? It’s important for you to pay a visit to your dentist if you’re interested in maintaining sound oral health. And we have good news for you—dental treatments have come a long way in recent years. In fact,… Read more »

How to Take Care of a Dental Bridge

Have you recently restored your oral health with a dental bridge in , ? If so, it’s best to take good care of it so it can last for many years. However, our dental team understands that that might be a difficult task if you’re not quite sure how to take good care of your… Read more »

What Are the Steps of a Professional Dental Cleaning?

Many people are nervous, or even anxious leading up to their biannual professional cleaning. An individual may be nervous because of the strange noises or prodding going on in their mouth. However, for most people, professional teeth cleaning is quite simple and painless. If you know what is going on during your checkup, you can… Read more »

Replacing Missing Teeth

Many American adults are missing teeth, but what they don’t know is that a relatively simple and easy procedure exists that can replace those missing teeth. That procedure involves having a dental bridge installed. This is a common procedure performed here at and one we’re proud to offer our patients. Let’s take a look at… Read more »

Brighter Smiles with Dental Whitening

Is your smile duller than you would like? Would you like to be able to talk, smile, and laugh with your friends without worrying about an embarrassing smile? Dental whitening is a cosmetic treatment that can bring a gleam to your pearly whites that will catch anybody’s eye. Teeth Whitening is Safe When performed by… Read more »

Hardened Tartar Near the Gum Line Can Lead to Gum Disease

Hardened tartar is formed when plaque and residual food particles are not thoroughly cleaned from teeth. When it forms near the gum line tartar introduces an almost constant bacterial presence to sensitive gum tissues. This is considered to be the leading cause of gum disease. Gingivitis is the earliest form of gum disease. This causes… Read more »