Oral Health Viewpoint: Endodontics

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Have you ever heard of endodontics before? Endodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry designed to repair issues associated with the inner workings of a tooth. If the inner lining of a tooth’s root or the pulp has become damaged, an endodontics treatment will be required in order to save the tooth. Without treatments such as root canal therapies, a tooth with a damaged pulp will surely die.

Every single year in America, millions of teeth are saved through the use of endodontic treatments. This is because root canals can remove the damaged areas and allow the tooth to function again once more. In some situations, the tooth may continue to thrive for decades to come. Not only is endodontics helpful for allowing you to keep your natural smile, but it will lower your risks associated with the dangers that come with missing teeth, including tooth slippage and gum destabilization.

Endodontic dentists are highly trained to perform complex procedures because they have received additional training to allow them to perform the complex procedures necessary to repair or remove the pulp and other issues associated with damage to a tooth’s root.

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