Oral Health Viewpoint: Dental Anxiety

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Effective oral health care includes always taking the steps necessary to have the necessary restorations and repairs when your smile needs them. Although many individuals may find themselves always cleaning their teeth and gums and focusing on other oral health care cleaning routines, a visit to the dentist at least twice a year is also important. This is because your dentist can assess the damage that has occurred. However, many individuals often fail to visit their dentist out of fear which is also is known as dental anxiety.

Often, dental anxiety is linked to the fear of the unknown. You should speak with your dentist about what kind of work will be done at your appointment. If you are afraid of any pain that you may feel during your procedure, you should talk with the dentist about your sedation dentistry options. There are also ways you can alleviate your stress. You can do this by visualizing yourself at a place that brings you joy or by working on your breathing techniques. Meditation and yoga have also been proven to help lower stress levels. During oral health care procedures, calming music can be employed.

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