Keep Your Smile Shining Bright All Summer with Effective Tooth Replacement Treatments

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The road to optimum oral health includes replacing any teeth that may have been lost or extracted. Keep your smile shining brightly all summer with effective tooth replacement treatments. If you have suffered tooth loss, you can correct your smile with one these helpful procedures:

– A dental implant is a highly effective tooth replacement procedure that permanently installs material directly in your jawbone. If your jaw is strong enough, a dental implant can be installed that can last a lifetime. Should a dental implant ever break due to an oral accident or injury, they can be replaced.

– A dental bridge is a highly effective tooth replacement procedure that can conceal gaps between teeth and fill out your smile and is held in place by directly linking to neighboring teeth or implants.

– Dentures are used to replace lost or missing teeth with alternative replacements that connect directly to your gums. They are easily removable at night and can be kept in a denture cleaning solution while you sleep for added comfort.

If you are looking for tooth replacement treatments in Stockton, California, Country Club Dental would love to help. For a more thorough examination to determine which treatment will work best for you, you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Lavanya Gill by calling our dentist office at 209-466-1043. A full smile is your first step to a brighter, healthier lifestyle that can improve your life for many years to come.