Improve Your Oral Health with Dental Damage Prevention

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Every day is a new opportunity to improve your smile. However, it is also a new opportunity to damage it. Thus, you must always exercise caution with any habits and choices in your life that can lead to severe oral health consequences. Whether it’s the lifestyle habits you partake in or the products you consume, it is important always make sure to consider how they will affect your oral health.

If you wish to protect your smile, you need to be aware of all forms of mouth jewelry that you wear. Even though mouth jewelry may seem stylish and helpful for your social status, being well received amongst your peers is not worth destroying your smile over. Exercise caution with all forms of mouth jewelry as they can lead to severe infections such as hepatitis and endocarditis, as well as pose significant choking hazards. In addition, nerve damage, oral inflammation, and split and cracked teeth can occur.

If you wish to keep your smile safe from dental damage, avoid high-risk activities such as contact sports. If you cannot avoid sports and wish to continue playing activities that can put your teeth at risk, it is essential to always wear the appropriate oral health care equipment. This includes mouthguards, helmets, and face masks whenever possible. If left unprotected, a single blow to your face can severely hinder your oral health and potentially destroy your smile for the rest of your life. To prevent the need for tooth replacements, wear safety gear at all times.

Dental damage often arises due to bad lifestyle habits. This includes healthy habits such as using drugs or smoking tobacco. Due to the fact that many products are not healthy for your teeth or gums, not only will they cause immediate dental damage, but they can severely hinder not only oral health but your physical health. Along with tooth loss, severe cancers and deadly diseases can arise.

The best smiles are made possible with dental damage prevention treatments. To upgrade your smile with dental damage prevention treatments, you are welcome to schedule a visit to our dentist in Stockton, California. If you would like Dr. Lavanya Gill and our team at Country Club Dental to talk to you about dental damage prevention treatments, please call our dentist office at 209-466-1043.