Getting Dentures

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When it’s time to get dentures, or any sort of fake teeth, you may come to realize just how involved the process is. Going through the dentures process yourself can give you an appreciation for the efficacy of natural teeth. It may also make you wish you’d done more to save your teeth as well as a resolution to do more with your new teeth.

When you are getting dentures, part of the process is considering what sort of options you may have. To help you better understand the process of getting dentures, we’ll take a look at why you may need dentures and what the beginning of this process looks like.

Major tooth loss
If you have lost most or all of your teeth on either or both of your dental arches, then dentures are a great option for replacing your missing teeth. If you lost just one or two teeth, our dentist can often restore your smile with dental implants or bridges. However, if you have lost any more than that, there is a good chance that your jawbone does not have the necessary health or strength to support implants.

Dentures sit right right along the outer surface of your gums, which means that those who have weaker jawbones can still restore their smile. During your visits to our practice, Dr. Lavanya Gill and his team can help you determine if your jawbone is too weak to support implants.

Oral health problems
Patients who have severe dental issues, such as gum disease, can end up losing teeth. Many dental issues can also damage the jawbone if they are not treated quickly or properly. If you have lost teeth from a dental issue and have also suffered bone loss, dentures may be one of the best options to restore your smile.

However, just because you have replaced your missing teeth does not mean that you can skip your oral hygiene routine. It is important that you continue to care for your replacement teeth just as you would your natural teeth.

No matter which type of tooth replacement you decide to go with, our team at Country Club Dental is happy to help restore your smile. For more information about dentures in Stockton, California, or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 209-466-1043.