Do You Have a Visible Cavity? Ask the Dentist About a Composite Dental Filling

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Your mouth is vulnerable to many dental problems, especially if you have a history of poor oral hygiene habits. The development of tooth decay can create a dental cavity that is very visible on a prominent tooth, reducing the tooth’s natural appearance and darkening your smile. Our dentist will help you determine if a composite resin dental filling is the right choice to repair an obvious cavity in your mouth.

To ensure your dental filling doesn’t stand out from your smile, we shade the composite material to blend in with the natural tooth enamel and become indistinguishable from the tooth. To begin the process of placing a dental filling, our dentist extracts areas of decay from the tooth enamel so that the filling can bond to a healthy, clean surface on the tooth. Then, he cures the filling cement so that the final restoration can serve as part of your tooth for years and years.

In order to preserve the quality of your dental filling, we urge you to maintain proper oral hygiene habits. By brushing your teeth twice each day and flossing morning or night, you can significantly reduce the presence of bacteria in your mouth and limit any dental risks, such as new tooth decay at the site of the filling.

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