Drs. Param Gill can improve the success of our gum disease treatments when we also prescribe ARESTIN® antibiotics. Our dentist uses this medication to fight the bacteria that prevent your mouth from healing. Contact Country Club Dental today if you would like to learn more about ARESTIN in Stockton, California.

Antibiotics are often used in conjunction with other gum disease treatments because this condition increases the bacteria count in your mouth. These high levels of bacteria not only make it more difficult for your body to heal from gum disease, but they can also cause other problems to develop in your body, including diabetic complications, heart disease, respiratory infection, pregnancy complications, and more.

We reduce the high levels of bacteria in your mouth using ARESTIN antibiotic treatment. This minocycline hydrochloride medication comes in tiny microspheres which we place in your periodontal pockets after performing a scaling and root planing procedure. This way, the medication has the opportunity to release directly at the source of the problem. ARESTIN can reduce the depth of periodontal pockets, fight infection, and increase the effectiveness of other gum disease treatments. Call us today to see if you can benefit from the ARESTIN antibiotic treatment.